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    Developer's Guide - Auto Send Consent Configuration
    In This Topic

    Configures consent requirements for automatic background transmission of session data

    Option Description Default Value Required
    enabled Disables gathering of auto send consent when false. false false

    The default value for consent, used until the user indicates their selection.

    The user interface will always start with no value selected until the user has made a choice even if this setting is true.

    true false

    The number of times to prompt the user to make a consent decision when the application starts.

    The user will be presented with a dialog to make their selection.  Until they have made their selection the default opt in value will be applied.

    0 false

    A display name for your company to use as part of the consent dialog.

    This value should be the familiar name for your company, not the full legal name since it is used inline in text.

    "" true

    A display name for the customer service that is receiving the data.

    This value should be something like Customer Experience Improvement Program or Customer Support that will describe the intent of the service you offer that needs the session information.

    "" true

    The full URL to the privacy policy for this data.

    THe Url must not contain any query parameters because Loupe will automatically add parameters to reflect the current application and version.

    "" true

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