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    User's Guide - Issues - Triaging Events
    In This Topic

    As log data is received it's analyzed and all of the unique Application Events are identified and updated with information from the latest Log Events.  Each time an Application Event occurs it's examined for any actions to take:

    Reviewing Application Events

    Each application in Loupe has its own review list.  You can access this by selecting the application on the dashboard, then Issues then Review under Events.

    For each event you can chose to:

    Seeing a Large Number of Unique Events?  If you see events that have a timestamp, URL, database Id or other unique value inserted in their caption they are likely not going to be aggregated together correctly.  You can fix this by configuring a Redaction Rule for the log message caption

    Automating Your Review

    You can manually review every issue as they come up, or you can define automatic actions based on rules in the Admin section under Issue Management.

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