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    Loupe Server - Agent Configuration
    In This Topic

    Before the Loupe Server can produce any results you need to configure your application(s) to send data to it.  Since the Loupe Agent is designed to work independently of the Server by default no data is sent to any server.  To get information from your application to the Loupe Server:

     Step One: Integrate the Loupe Agent
    Only the Loupe Agent can create the data files and understands the protocol for exchanging information with the Loupe Server.  It can also be used stand-alone without the server.  Before proceeding, add the Loupe Agent to your application following the appropriate guide for your application type.

     Step Two: Configure How you Want Data Sent to the Server
    There are a number of options outlined in Loupe Server - Session Submission Scenarios for how to send information to your server.  By far, most people turn on auto send in its default configuration.  For more information see Loupe Server - Automatically Sending Session Data.

     Step Three: Configure Live Sessions 
    For applications you are operating in-house (instead of selling to third parties to operate) you typically will want to enable Live Sessions.  This enables you to view log data in real time while applications are running, even when remote through a constrained bandwidth connection.

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