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    Developer's Guide - Live Session Configuration
    In This Topic

    The networkViewer configuration section controls if a live data stream is available for the current session.

    Option Description Default Value Required
    enabled When true, Loupe data will be made available to clients in real time over TCP/IP. false false

    Enables connecting a viewer on the local computer when true.

    true false

    Enables connecting a viewer from another computer when true.

    false false

    The maximum number of queued messages waiting to be written to disk.

    Once the total number of messages waiting to be written exceeds the maximum queue length the log writer will switch to a synchronous mode to catch up. This will not cause the application to experience synchronous logging behavior unless the publisher queue is also filled.

    2000 false

    Port information used to communicate with the Server isn't configurable in the Agent because it is automatically retrieved by the Agent once it connects to the Server.  You can edit it using the Server Administration tool.


    Network Viewer Configuration
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        <sectionGroup name="gibraltar">
          <section name="networkViewer" type="Gibraltar.Agent.NetworkViewerElement, Gibraltar.Agent"/>
        <networkViewer enabled="true" allowRemoteClients="true" />

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