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    Developer's Guide - Listener Configuration
    In This Topic

    The listener section adjusts the configuration of the Loupe .NET Listener that captures information directly from the .NET runtime.  

    Settings that do not apply to a particular application type (for example WinForms settings for an ASP.NET application) will be safely disabled so it is not necessary to explicitly configure them this way.

    Option Description Default Value Required
    EnableConsole When true, anything written to the console standard out or error out will be appended to the log.  These are identified as the console log system and displayed in a distinct section of the viewer. false false
    EnableGCEvents When true, metrics are recorded for Garbage Collector (GC) events. true false
    EnableNetworkEvents When true, network connection events (such as network link state and IP configuration changes) will be automatically recorded. true false


    Listener Configuration
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      "Loupe": {
        "Publisher": {
          "ProductName": "AspNetCore2.Sandbox",
          "ApplicationName": "Test",
          "ApplicationType": "AspNet",
          "ApplicationVersionNumber": "1.0.1"
        "Listener" : {
          "EnableConsole" :  true

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