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    Developer's Guide - Logging - Introduction
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    Loupe is designed to work well:

     Add Logging and Metrics to your Application Without Code

    Loupe includes a library of aspects that can quickly add additional logging to your applications without adding source code.  With the Loupe Agent for PostSharp you can declaratively add Loupe logging to your programs by simply tagging whatever methods, classes or assemblies you wish.  This lets you add powerful logging features quickly without the effort of writing procedural logging code and without having to learn the Loupe API. 

    To find out how you can add extensive instrumentation to your application in minutes, see Third Party Integration - Using PostSharp with Loupe.  The best part?  It's free and in the box.

     Effective Application Logging

    To get the most out of logging in your application it isn't about either throwing a lot of log statements all over the code, or just sprinkling in a few when there's a problem.  Effective logging will dramatically reduce your support and maintenance costs by providing the right data at the right time - information on what's happening in production with real customers and users. 


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