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    Gibraltar.Agent.Configuration Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassThe top level configuration class for all Agent configuration. Supplied during a Log.Initializing event.

    Configures consent requirements for automatic background transmission of session data.

    If enabled then the server autoSendSessions option will be treated as false until the user grants consent. This is designed to allow users to opt in to sending data through an embedded user interface. Since an embedded user interface is the only method of providing consent this option only works with Windows applications.

    If you enable this option you will need to supply a value for CompanyName, ServiceName, and PrivacyPolicyUrl. These provide display values used in the user interface.

    To complete the integration into your windows application you must add a call to Log.DisplayStartupConsentDialog once your application has displayed to prompt end users to make a decision. It will only display until they make a decision or reach the maximum number of opportunities you specify in PromptUserOnStartupLimit. To allow users to change their mind after their initial opportunity to opt in or out add a menu item to call Log.DisplayConsentDialog.

    ClassIndicates the default method that the agent should use to connect to an email server.
    ClassFile Messenger Configuration
    ClassConfiguration information for the trace listener.
    ClassNetwork Messenger Configuration
    ClassThe configuration of the packager.
    ClassThe configuration of the publisher.
    ClassThe application configuration information for sending session data to a Loupe Server
    ClassFile Messenger Configuration
    ClassConfiguration information for the Live Viewer.
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