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    Reference - Anonymous Data Collection
    In This Topic

    In certain scenarios it's important to not collect personally identifying information.  For example, information privacy laws in some countries prohibit gathering personally identifying information.  To support this, the Loupe Agent has an Anonymous Mode.

    What data is suppressed in Anonymous Mode?

    The following fields are blanked:

    These are removed from the Session Summary and in the case of User Name each log message.

    Additionally, automatically generated captions for packages and emails will not include any of the above fields.

    How do I enable Anonymous Mode?

    The EnableAnonymousMode configuration option must be specified when initializing the log system.  This can be done in your configuration file or via code.  Once set it is active for the entire session.

    How do I ask the user for permission to send data?

    If you are enabling anonymous mode you should also consider having the user opt in to automatic data collection.  For more information on the built-in support for user opt in, see Getting Started - User Opt In.

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