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    Getting Started - Loupe Architecture
    In This Topic

    Loupe consists of three parts: the Agent, the Server and Desktop Client

     Loupe Agent

    The Loupe Agent includes a number of Listener components that monitor system activity. The core processing of the Agent is safely and efficiently recording information to session files and automatically removing out-of-date data files that exceed your configuration settings for maximum age, maximum disk, or minimum free space.  For more information see Getting Started - Adding Loupe to your Application

    If you are using Loupe with a desktop application, the Live Viewer control allows you to monitor your application in real-time. It pops up whenever a configurable hotkey is pressed or, if you prefer, you can host it on your own form.  For an overview of how the live viewer works, see Getting Started - Loupe Live Viewer .

    The Error Manager listens for problems in your application and prompts users with a user friendly dialog when there are problems.  For an overview of how the error manager works, see Getting Started - Loupe Error Manager.

    The Packager can be run within your application or as a stand-alone utility to gather and transmit relevant session files as a package (*.glp file).  For an overview of how the packager works, see Developer's Guide - Packager Utility.

    The Loupe Agent is Free.  No purchase is required to use it and you may redistribute it with your application without charge.  This includes the Agent and Loupe Packager utility.

     Loupe Server

    The Loupe Server seamlessly connects Agents with you in a simple way that just works.  It provides a comprehensive user interface for triaging errors and solving problems.

    • The Agents to upload logs via HTTPS to the Server and then stores them to be retrieved later. 
    • All of your incoming sessions are automatically analyzed to detect errors and track usage.  You can view all of this directly over the web.
    • All of this information is efficiently made available through a build-in UI and to connected computers using Loupe Desktop. 

    Having this wealth of data available without lifting a finger makes proactive customer support and Customer Experience Improvement Programs compelling and practical.  To find out more about the Loupe Server see Loupe Server - Introduction.

    The Loupe Server is available as a Cloud-hosted Service and self hosted to create your own private server.
     Loupe Desktop

    Loupe Desktop is a native Windows client that provides a view of the server information and other tools optimized for a developer.  You can install the Windows client directly from your Loupe Server by selecting Download Windows Client from the user menu.

    The Repository Viewer displays the session information from a connected server as well as local data files.  This unique view is covered in Loupe Desktop - Repository View.

    The Live Viewer shows real-time session data for local and remote applications (via the server).

    The Session Viewer drills down into the details of a single session.  Integrated views of grids, graphs and charts with powerful highlighting and filtering capabilities make it easy to identify the root cause of problems.  To start discovering the capabilities of the session viewer, see Loupe Desktop - Session Viewer Introduction.

    Loupe Desktop is Free.  No purchase is required to use it.

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