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    Loupe Desktop - Introduction
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    The Loupe Desktop is the heart of the Loupe system, providing the ability to analyze sessions from multiple applications and understand both the small picture of a single customer problem and the big picture of the reliability and performance trends of your application.  The Loupe Desktop is the only licensed part of the Loupe system, allowing you to freely distribute the agent and collect as much information as you want without any royalties or other fees. 

    Starting the Loupe Desktop

    You can run the Loupe Desktop directly from the Programs menu or it will start automatically if you open a Loupe Log Package.    Once it opens you'll see the Loupe Start Page:

    Gibraltar Start page

    Gibraltar Start page

    The start page is dynamic, adjusting its display based on the data present on the local computer, so it may display differently than the image above. 

    From the start page you typically will:

    Viewing a Session

    Once you've found a session you want to drill into, it can open into its own Session Viewer. 

    Session Viewer

    Session Viewer

    The session viewer exposes every piece of information on the selected session, providing integrated means of relating the log messages, performance metrics, session overview, and other items together.  The view can be extensively customized to show more or less information.  If you want to compare two sessions, open both up and place their windows side by side.  For more information, see Loupe Desktop - Session Viewer Introduction.

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