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    Reference - Package Repositories
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    A Loupe Log Package is a single file repository that contains up to 2GB worth of session data.  Packages are used to send session data between computers - between computers running monitored applications and users that want to analyze sessions and between members of the team that want to share data.  Like User Repositories, Packages can have folders to create structure.  Because a package is a single file, it can be easily transported via Email or attached to a defect in a defect tracking system or customer service system. 

    Packages are already highly compressed and generally will not compress more.  Therefore, it isn't recommended that they be zipped or otherwise recompressed because the files may actually end up larger.

    To make it easier to transport session data from clients to users, Loupe includes a Packager utility that can gather session files from any computer that has run applications monitored by Loupe and then prepare that data for transport via email, removable media, or as a package file. 

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