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    Gibraltar.Agent Namespace (Gibraltar.Agent)
    In This Topic
    ClassArguments for the Log.ResolveApplicationUser event
    ClassThis static class is the primary API for logging with the Loupe Agent.
    ClassEvent arguments for the Log.Initialize event of the Loupe Agent Logging class.
    ClassImplements a TraceListener to forward Trace and Debug messages from System.Diagnostics.Trace to the Loupe Agent.
    ClassEventArgs for Notification events.
    ClassEventArgs for Notification events.
    ClassPackages up session files collected on the local computer and sends them to a Loupe Server or anywhere via email or file transport with no user interface. For a user interface, see PackagerDialog.
    ClassA wizard dialog version of the packager
    ClassInformation about the Package Send Events.
    ClassSummary information about the current session.
    InterfaceAn interface used to provided the details of the origin (class, method, and source code file) of a log message when passing messages from an external log system to the Loupe Agent.
    DelegateHandler for the Initialize event.
    DelegateHandler type for a message alert event.
    DelegateHandler type for a message filter event.
    DelegateHandler delegate for the Resolve Application User event.
    DelegateUsed to provide information on the status of a package send.
    EnumerationThe type of process the application was run as.
    EnumerationThe result of processing an asynchronous task
    EnumerationThis enumerates the severity levels used by Loupe log messages.
    EnumerationSpecifies whether to wait for the message to be committed to the Agent before continuing execution or whether to record asynchronously and return immediately.
    EnumerationSelection criteria for session inclusion in a session package
    EnumerationThe current known disposition of the session
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