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    Developer's Guide - Viewer Configuration
    In This Topic

    AThe Live Viewer provides a real time log viewing capability for WinForms applications that can be invoked with a hot key whenever the application is running.  It can also be placed directly on your own user interface forms and configured through the normal control designer interface.  To configure the live viewer that is activated via hot key, use the following options in the viewer section of your application configuration file:

    Option Description Default Value Required
    enabled When true, the live viewer functionality is enabled.  Setting to false will prevent the live viewer from being available either as a popup or even if explicitly added to a WinForms form. true false
    hotKey The hot key the user presses to activate the live viewer.  You can specify Control, Alt, and Shift as modifiers (in any combination) and a single key (case insensitive). "Ctrl-Alt-F5" false
    maxMessages Specifies how many messages to buffer in the viewer.  Set to zero for unlimited buffer size. 10000 false
    showVerboseMessages If false the viewer will ignore all verbose messages. true false
    defaultFilterLevel Specifies the default minimum severity for the log message filter.  If not set, no messages will be filtered by default. LogMessageSeverity.Verbose false
    enableIndependentSeverityFilters If true each of the severity filter buttons will operate independently (like Visual Studio) instead of representing a minimum allowed severity. false false
    showDetailsButton Specifies whether the Show Details button should be visible in the tool bar. true false
    showDetailsInGrid Specifies whether the details tab control is displayed at the bottom of the grid with the full details of the message.  The details display will automatically hide if the height is too small. false false
    showDetailsInTooltips Specifies whether an extended part of the message should be displayed as a tooltip over each log message when details tab control isn't visible. true false
    showMessageCounters Specifies whether the severity filter buttons should display message counts next to the icon. true false
    runButtonText Caption text for the run button. "Click to Auto Refresh" false
    runButtonTextVisible Specifies whether the run button should display caption text next to the icon. false false
    pauseButtonText Caption text for the pause button. "Pause" false
    pauseButtonTextVisible Specifies whether the Pause button should display caption text next to the icon. false false
    resetSearchButtonText Caption text for Reset Search button. "Reset" false
    resetSearchButtonTextVisible Specifies whether the Reset Search button should display caption text next to the icon. false false
    clearMessagesButtonText Caption text for Clear Messages button. "Clear" false
    clearMessagesButtonTextVisible Specifies whether the Clear Messages button should display caption text net to the icon. false false
    showToolBar Shows or hides the built-in tool bar. true false
    enableMultiSelection Enables selection of multiple rows or regions in the grid.  Use with Control-C to copy. true false

    When true, all writes will be performed synchronously. 

    This can affect the degree of parallelism of a multithreaded application and throughput, so is generally only set in cases when the application is crashing during startup or other hard to catch scenarios.

    false false

    The maximum number of queued messages waiting to be displayed in the viewer.

    Once the total number of messages waiting to be written exceeds the maximum queue length the log writer will switch to a synchronous mode to catch up.  This will not cause the application to experience synchronous logging behavior unless the publisher queue is also filled.

    2000 false

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