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    Loupe Desktop - Metric Grid
    In This Topic

    A metric grid shows the raw numeric values behind sampled and event metrics.  Like the Metric Graph, you add metrics by dragging and dropping them from the Metric Tree View onto the grid.  The first metric that is dropped on the grid determines the type of data in the grid. 

    Metric Grid

    Metric Grid

    Creating a new Metric Grid

    To create a new Metric Grid, click on the New View button on the left of the tool bar and then the New Grid button in the New View Dialog.  This will create a new, empty grid ready for metrics to be added.  Multiple metric grids can be used at the same time for a session. 

    Working with Event Metrics

    When an Event Metric is placed in the grid some additional options are available to enable rapid analysis of the event metric data:

    Analysis is most useful when grouping the metric rows by one or more columns.  You can group by a column quickly by right-clicking on any cell in the column and selecting Group By <column name> from the context menu.


    The Metric Grid supports a number of operations to filter data which can be found by right-clicking on the grid. 


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