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    Getting Started - What's New - Version 5.0
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    New Features in This Release

    Modular Web UI

    The entire Loupe Web UI has been rebuilt to break functionality into modules built around key user workflows:

    Not all modules are included in every subscription; you can contact us to upgrade to a higher subscription tier if you'd like to try a module not in your current tier.

    Loupe View

    The previous Recent Sessions view and All Sessions views have been brought together into Loupe View to make it easier to get directly to the details of a sessions when you know what you're looking for.  This new module enables several Loupe Desktop workflows within the Web UI, providing more choice for users on their preferred way of accessing Loupe.

    Loupe Monitor

    Loupe Monitor adds operations-focused functionality leveraging the same data already collected by Loupe Agents.  It provides environment-specific Alerts for errors so your team can focus on the right events.

    Loupe Resolve

    The Event & Issue functionality of Loupe has been moved into Loupe Resolve.  Its also been enhanced to use the new Web UI side-by-side display so it's faster to move between issues and events without losing your place.  Researching issues is also faster with the new investigation views.

    Selecting Applications to Resolve

    Previously, every session data file was analyzed for Loupe Resolve unless it was explicitly suppressed.  Loupe 5 introduces new rules to let you pick which applications and versions you want to analyze so you can choose to ignore internal tools or older versions.

    Application Keys

    Loupe Agents can now use Application Keys to identify themselves to the Loupe Server.  Application keys provide additional flexibility such as:


    Loupe 5.x is generally backwards compatible with 3.0 and later with the following notes:

    .NET 4.7.2 Required for Desktop and Server:  Changes to Loupe Desktop and Loupe Server require .NET 4.7.2 to be installed.  There is no change to the Agent - it still works with .NET 2.0 SP1 and later.

    Defects Fixed in This Release

    This is the initial release of Loupe 5.0 and incorporates defect fixes previously published in Loupe 4.  For information on those fixes, see the various Loupe 4 release notes.

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