Loupe - Log - Monitor - Resolve
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    Gibraltar.Monitor Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassExtended information for a single application user
    ClassA (sorted) collection of Application User objects
    ClassAn intermediary class to log a basic log message for the Gibraltar API.
    ClassThe event arguments for a collection change event, indicating what change was made to which collection.
    ClassA user defined sampled metric.
    ClassThe definition of a user-defined sampled metric
    ClassThe collection of custom sampled metrics for a given sampled metric definition.
    ClassA single sample of a custom sampled metric. Sampled metrics generally require calculation to produce data, see ComputeValue.
    ClassThe collection of metric samples for a custom sampled metric.
    ClassA simple default principal resolver
    ClassCreates a Loupe Filter out of the provided delegate function
    ClassAn intermediary class to log a Gibraltar log message including an XML details string.
    ClassA single event metric instance object, representing one instance of an event metric definition.
    ClassThe collection of event metrics for a given event metric definition.
    ClassThe definition of an event metric, necessary before any specific metric can be created.
    ClassOne sample of a Event metric
    ClassThe collection of metric samples for a custom sampled metric.
    ClassDefines one value that can be associated with an event metric.
    ClassA collection of event values for the parent metric definition.
    ClassThe local collection repository, a minimalistic repository
    ClassHandles interfacing with a single log file for the purpose of writing log messages.
    ClassEvent arguments for the Log.Initializing event of the Gibraltar Agent Logging class.
    ClassA Loupe log message.
    ClassBase class for log message template classes.
    ClassThe sorted list of all log messages
    ClassA group of log messages, typically
    ClassA collection of logMessageGroups, ordered by date/time and accessible by unique ID or numerical index.
    ClassAn acyclic tree graph of log message groups.
    ClassEventArgs for Message Filter events.
    ClassA basic class to determine the source of a log message and act as an IMessageSourceProvider.
    ClassA single metric that has been captured. A metric is a single measured value over time.
    ClassA collection of metrics, keyed by their unique ID and name
    ClassThe definition of a single metric that has been captured.
    ClassA collection of metric definitions, keyed by their unique ID and name
    ClassA single raw sample of a metric.
    ClassA collection of metric samples for a metric.
    ClassA single display-ready metric value.
    ClassA set of display-ready values for a metric.
    ClassThe central monitor that manages the configuration of the individual monitors
    ClassMonitors the details of a process.
    ClassArguments for the ResolveUser Event
    ClassThe base class for creating sampled metrics
    ClassA collection of sampled metrics, keyed by their unique ID and name
    ClassThe base class for defining sampled metrics
    ClassOne sample of a sampled metric
    ClassContains the log information for a single execution cycle
    ClassA collection of loaded sessions
    ClassTracks session headers and fragments from one or more fragments
    ClassA single stream of the session's information as it was originally recorded.
    ClassAn ordered list of the individual fragments that were captured for the session.
    ClassSummary information about the entire session.
    ClassAn intermediary class to log a simple log message (as from Trace).
    ClassA (sorted) collection of ThreadInfo objects.
    InterfaceImplemented to translate an IPrincipal to a Loupe ApplicationUser.
    InterfaceInline filter for packets evaluated for each packet
    InterfaceExtends Loupe to monitor external data sources in the background
    InterfaceAn interface by which conversion classes can provide the details of the source of a log message.
    InterfaceResolves the user principle for the current thread
    DelegateHandler for the Initialize event.
    EnumerationThe different possible actions that were performed on a collection
    EnumerationSelects the performance trade-off for writing a given message to the log.
    EnumerationDetermines what the raw data for a given sampled metric is, and how it has to be processed to produce final values.
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