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    System Requirements
    In This Topic

    To host your own Loupe Server, you need:

    Enterprise Edition Requirements

    For Loupe Server Enterprise you will need in addition:

    Larger Scale Implementations

    If you are operating in an environment with thousands of sessions per day or many large sessions and want to scale up your installation you will want to provide additional resources.  The Loupe Server will automatically adjust its scaling for the number of local cores and the amount of memory with the following recommendations:

    With a Remote SQL Server

    With a Local SQL Server:

    Additional processor cores are useful if the server is processing a large number of sessions for session analysis.  The Server service automatically scales work based on the number of cores in the server to ensure it leaves capacity for the web API while analyzing sessions.

    Using Virtual Servers

    Most customers install the Loupe Server on a virtual server, either running on their own hardware or hosted on a Virtual Private Server offered through any of a number of service providers. 

    The ultimate performance of Loupe is generally determined by the SQL Server's disk throughput.  Some virtual server providers offer relatively low disk throughput for database use and better performance may be obtained by using a SQL Server instance through your provider.
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