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    Using Loupe with Windows Services - Introduction
    In This Topic

    When you integrate the Loupe Agent with a .NET Windows Service you can take advantage of all of the general logging, performance monitoring, and metric capture capabilities.  You can log directly into Loupe, use it with Trace or Debug, or connect it up to your favorite log system.  As a precaution against misuse none of the user interface components of the Loupe Agent (such as the Live Log Viewer, Packager Dialog, and Error Manager) will display in a Windows Service.

     Adding the Loupe Agent to your Application

    Add the Loupe Agent from NuGet which can update your Visual Studio Project. 

    For complete information on configuration options with the Loupe Agent see Developer's Guide - Agent Configuration.

    Once you have added the Loupe Agent to your application you need to follow the instructions in Using Loupe with Windows Services - Integrating the Loupe Agent to complete the integration.
     Special Considerations for Windows Services
    Because Windows Services run indefinitely and may be critical to computer startup there are some special steps to consider with Loupe.  For more details, see Using Loupe with Windows Services - Special Considerations .
     Packaging and Sending Loupe Data from your Application
    The Loupe Agent provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to gather the session data recorded while your application runs and send it to where you can work with it to fix customer issues, understand feature usage, and drive your product development forward.  To review your options for sending data files from where your application runs to where you do your development see Developer's Guide - Packaging and Sending DataDeveloper's Guide - Packaging and Sending Data.
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