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    Support - Package Email Troubleshooting
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    The Loupe Packager can email packages from within the agent, but this capability depends on having a valid email server configuration on the computer.  This can be specified globally on each computer (in the machine.config file) or for each application (in the app.config file) or in your code (by calling the SetEmailServer Method method to specify a server configuration or following the procedure outlined in Developer's Guide - Agent Configuration through Code). 

    Often the best way to ensure an email connection can be made every time is to configure the agent to connect to your public email server. 

    Because of the problem of many viruses using port 25, a loose standard has been created to use port 587 as a direct submittal port.  Typically this only works when using the email server that hosts your email account, and requires authentication.  You can override the port and specify whether to use SSL in the configuration.

    Common Mail Relay Problems

    Client Firewall Blocking:  Because of the widespread problem with viruses and worms in the last decade, many antivirus applications block communication on Port 25.  This will prevent all communication to any mail server.  Most programs have exception lists that your application would need to be added to. 

    Network Firewall Blocking:  Many companies prevent internal computers from communicating to the Internet on port 25 as part of their overall security and information control strategy.  In this case, an internal email relay would be required. 

    Third party Mail Relays

    If you are deploying your application to a wide range of customers, you can't depend on them having an email server configured.  If you don't have your own public email relay, there are many third parties you can use, such as:

    Gibraltar Software doesn't recommend any specific third party provider. 

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