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    Loupe Server Administration - Mail Server
    In This Topic

    To enable the Loupe Server to send email (most commonly for Notifications) it has to be able to communicate with an SMTP Mail Server.  There are two ways that the mail server may be configured:

    1. Machine configuration file:  The .NET machine.config file allows options to be specified for the entire computer.  If this is completely specified, including a From address, no further configuration is necessary.
    2. Specifying a Mail Server in the Loupe Server Administrator:  The Mail Server tab allows for all of the necessary mail server attributes to be specified and then tested.  This is the recommended configuration because it provides the best ability for verification and consistent behavior.

    Specifying a Mail Server

    When considering what mail server configuration to use, keep in mind that:

    Be sure to test the configuration using the Test option within the Server Administrator.  This uses the same rules as Notification to send an email message to the party listed in the From address.  In most cases a configuration problem will be immediately reported, but it is recommended to view the specified mailbox to ensure the message arrived.
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