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    Reference - Sending Sessions On Exit
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    You can package data automatically after your session completes by setting the SendSessionsOnExit option.  This can be done through code at any time or by the user checking the Automatically report these problems at the end of the session option in the Loupe Error Manager.  For details on the Loupe Error Manager (WinForms and WPF only) see Getting Started - Loupe Error Manager .

    1. Once the session is preparing to shutdown (After the EndSession call or when the .NET runtime signals that the AppDomain is starting to shut down) the Loupe Packager is started with a set of command line arguments that tell it to wait for the original process to exit and then submit all new sessions to the Server.
    2. The Packager process will wait for the original process to exit.
    3. Once the original process exits the Packager will look for sessions that have not yet been submitted and will push them to the Server.  In this mode the full session detail will be sent to the Server regardless of whether they meet the criteria set on the Server for session detail retrieval.  Only sessions that have not previously been submitted to the Server will be sent, and once sent they will not be sent a second time if SendSessionsOnExit is used again in the future.
    4. Once the selected sessions have been sent to the server the Packager process will exit.

    In this mode the Packager will send to the Server or send via Email if the Server is not available and Email is configured.  If contact is lost with the Server while it is trying to send it will attempt to retry the operation but will eventually time out and stop trying to send the information if the problem persists. 

    If you have configured Server integration and enabled auto send sessions then it will automatically send sessions on exit as long as the requirements below are met.


    If you want to use SendSessionOnExit you need to be sure the following conditions are met:

    1. Gibraltar.Package.exe (for .NET 2.0) and Gibraltar.Package.NET40.exe (for .NET 4.0 and later) must be deployed with your application in the same directory as Gibraltar.Agent.dll.
    2. You must configure Email submission or Server submission (or both) in the packager configuration section

    Then, you can set the Log.SendSessionsOnExit property at any time once logging has been started. 

    If you set the SendSessionOnExit property and the current deployed configuration doesn't meet these requirements a diagnostic message will be written to the log and the property will be set back to false.  Because of these checks it isn't possible to set the property during the Log.Initializing event.
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