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Gibraltar.Agent.Configuration Namespace / ServerConfiguration Class
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    ServerConfiguration Class Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by ServerConfiguration.

    Public Properties
    Public PropertyThe virtual directory on the host for the private Loupe Server  
    Public PropertyIndicates whether to automatically send data to the server when error or critical messages are logged.  
    Public PropertyIndicates whether to automatically send session data to the server in the background.  
    Public PropertyThe unique customer name when using the Gibraltar Loupe Service  
    Public PropertyTrue by default, disables server communication when false.  
    Public PropertyAn optional port number override for the server  
    Public PropertyIndicates whether to remove sessions that have been sent from the local repository once confirmed by the server.  
    Public PropertyThe specific repository on the server to send the session to  
    Public PropertyIndicates whether to send data about all applications for this product to the server or just this application (the default)  
    Public PropertyThe full DNS name of the server where the Loupe Server is located  
    Public PropertyIndicates if the Gibraltar Loupe Service should be used instead of a private Loupe Server  
    Public PropertyIndicates if the connection to the Loupe Server should be encrypted with Ssl.  
    Public Methods
    Public MethodCheck the current configuration information to see if it's valid for a connection, throwing relevant exceptions if not.  
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