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    As data arrives and is incorporated into the server events are generated that you can be notified of.  Notifications can to go users (via email) or to common messaging systems like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

    For more information on managing where notifications go see Loupe Server - Notifications - Targets.

    Notification Events

    Type Event Description
    Latest Events Session Summary When new session log data arrives at the server a single notification listing the distinct warnings, errors, and critical log messages in the session.
    Session Event Available A notification for each distinct warning, error, or critical log message in the session.
    Unique Events New Application Event A notification for each application event (a distinct warning, error, or critical log message) Loupe has never seen before in a particular Application.
    Application Event for Review A notification whenever an application event (a distinct warning, error, or critical log message) when it is added to the Review list for the application.
    Issues Issue Opened or Reopened A notification whenever an issue that has been created or been reopened after it was closed.
    Issue Changed A notification whenever an issue is changed.
    Issue Closed A notification whenever an issue is closed.

    Notification Rule Options

    Finding Matching Sessions by Product / Application / Version

    By default a rule matches all items unless a filtering option (Product, Application, Version, etc) is specified.

    Product, Application, and Version are treated like a hierarchy.  You can specify:

    Each notification type has some additional, relevant filtering options like Computer, Environment, and Promotion Level.  These function independently of the Product, Application, and Version hierarchy and an item has to satisfy all criteria to qualify for notification.

    Values are matched using the ordinal value, ignoring case.  This means it will ignore culture variation and case variation.

    Filtering by Content

    You can select to only be notified when a matching session has messages that match a severity or worse.  For example, you can specify Warning, Error, or Critical Message to match any session that contains at least one message with the Warning severity or worse.

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