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    In This Topic

    When an event matches the notification rule, a notification is sent to each target you configure.  Loupe supports multiple types of targets:

    Configuring a Messaging Service

    To send to Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, or Slack you first need to configure them as a Service.  To do this:

    1. Navigate to Administration - Services:  Select the Administration option from the User menu on the top left of the web UI, then select Services from the Admin menu.
    2. Click New and Select the Service Type:  When you hover over New the service types will display.  Click the type you want to add and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

    Once you've added the messaging service you can add it to any notification rule in the Admin area by selecting Data Flow - Notification.

    Sending to Distribution Lists

    Loupe supports multiple types of users including Virtual users that are only used to record an email address for notification.  To send notifications to a distribution list, create a Virtual User for the distribution list (these are free, no license is required) and provide the email address to the list for the new user.

    Allowing Html-formatted Email Messages

    By default an address book entry is configured to generate HTML-formatted messages.  These are more descriptive and easier to read than the raw text version.  The text version is also included in the email to allow mail clients to automatically degrade to the unformatted data.  Because of this, it's only recommended that you uncheck this option when you know the formatted messages are causing a problem for a mail client.

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